Copiers + Character: Westwood School Sets the Tone(r), Copy Tech Earns 'A+' in Service

Copiers + Character: Westwood School Sets the Tone(r), Copy Tech Earns 'A+' in Service

DALLAS, Texas., Oct. 27, 2020 ---  Kelly Nelson’s world was upside down—and at that exact instant, she ran out of toner.


It was April 2020. Like everyone else in the country, Nelson was adapting to the “new normal” of the pandemic—thinking on her feet. She’s the Registrar at The Westwood School near Dallas. Unlike everyone else, The Westwood School (headed by "Character, Community and Excellence" champion, Heather Lourcey) carries the added responsibility of being a longstanding leader of Montessori schools teaching ethics education in competitive Dallas-Fort Worth. 


On this particular day, Westwood Registrar Kelly Nelson, was leading an all-hands-on-deck effort. True to "The Westwood Way", she and other staff members were putting together packets to send to parents—the new safety protocols per COVID-19. ("The Westwood Way" is a special shorthand for embedding personal ethics and individual responsibility as the launchpad to success. Lourcey adds, "[Westwood] graduates go out into the world not just doing great things, but doing the right things." This expectation is imparted as early as the Toddler level.)


Westwood kids, even the little ones at the lower school where she works (toddlers through sixth grade), are pretty self-sufficient. (They’re Montessori kids, after all.) They can usually deal with adding paper and other minor things when Nelson's busy—and she’s always busy! But for something more problematic, they call across to her.


“I get my steps in!” Nelson laughs. 


Even in the midst of careful planning and lofty leadership ambition, pandemic pandemonium can strike...

That's when the school's toner ran out. Perfect.



Kelly & Maureen Pull Out Quote


Nelson knew exactly what to do. She called Maureen Scotch, Service Manager at Copy Tech Systems, Inc.—her go-to Copy Tech guru. Copy Tech is the premier copier sales, rental, and service provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Copy Tech is famous in DFW for their 34-year legacy providing customers top-notch service and, most importantly, saving them money! In today's fast-paced, unpredictable world, time is money and partnership is paramount. Copy Tech partners with quality organizations, like Westwood School, saving them time and money with a smile. 


Westwood leases four refurbished copiers from Copy Tech, two at the upper school and two at the lower school, each complete with a service package.  The school has leased refurbished copiers from Copy Tech for 18 years—never once thinking of trying someone else.


“Maureen’s amazing,” Nelson says. “They’re all amazing. They’re so responsive!”


Kerry Anderson Pull Out Quote 1-1



Not a problem, Scotch assured her. She would send someone over soon with toner.

Nelson figured soon meant, oh, by the end of day. It wasn’t like they were Copy Tech’s only customer! (In fact, over 500 other organizations in DFW name Copy Tech as their print partner of choice.) And then there was the disruption of the pandemic.

Yeah, end-of-day service would be realistic . . .



Twenty minutes later, Kerry Anderson, Copy Tech Sales Manager arrived.  Anderson had the toner cartridges in hand and a mask on his face. Twenty minutes! Westwood School was thrilled to be back to business.


“We make a point of providing service that no one can touch,” Anderson says. “We do have competition. In fact, just this morning I heard about two more outfits, one working out of their garage,” Anderson says and, then after a pause, adds, "We stand out.” 



When you need a print partner to save the day, think like the ethics in education leader Westwood School (and hundreds of others in DFW). Call a copier company who cares and puts your timeline and financial ethics first.

Call Copy Tech. After all, A+ character-first copier service saves money.

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